The blog is up!

The day has finally arrived! My blog on how to self discipline and beat procrastination is finally up. I’m gonna post various articles and insights about self discipline here while trying to get more self disciplined myself too. 

I believe that self discipline is the basic skill and the foundation of all other success in life therefore if we manage to improve it we’ll simultaneously improve in all other areas too. You can be smart, talented but if you don’t get your ass up and take some action toward achieving your goals you will not achieve anything.

I had a problem with self discipline for a while now. I set a million goals for myself about how I’m gonna eat better, work better, make some extra income, get that college degree, waste less time watching TV and browsing the web (sounds familiar?) but I always seem to lack the self discipline to consistently follow through. I made this blog to improve myself in that area and help all the readers at the same too.